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Gift Shop

Business Hours Adjusted for CNY:2/10-2/12  09:00-21:30 (Break Time: 12:30-13:00、16:15-16:45)

Located on the ground floor and various souvenirs and merchandises are available.

Bestseller Top 4

1. Geranium Facial Moisture Cream
2. Face & Body Butter
3. Mullet Roe Handmade Soap
4.Large Intestine Wrapped Small Intestine Handmade Soap

Tainan 400 Souvenirs-Exclusive design by Crowne Plaza Tainan. (Please order three days in advance.)
1. Drip Bag Coffee Gift Box (Set of 10 Pcs)

2.【CHEERS】Taiwan Beer Glass (Set of 2)
3.CAI FENG LOU XO Chilli Sauce (2-Jar Box Set) 

There are gashapon machines on the promenade on the 1st floor of the hotel to provide 24-hour diversified services!


Operating Hours

Mon. to Fri.09:00-16:30 Sat. 09:00-17:30 Sun.09:00-17:00


+886-6-391-1899 分機:6075、6133